Hey Y’all:

Briefly, this blog is going to be a space for me to present to the world at large works that I create.  For the time being I will mostly be posting poetry (that I’ve recently written, that I’ve developed in workshops, or that I’ve had sitting around for years and have attempted to edit independently and make presentable).  I hope to have three to five new posts weekly.

This space is meant to serve as an arena; but more importantly, a public forum where you can post your critiques.  I want to know any and every opinion you may have about the posts.  Details are great.  Brutality is alright, too.  Please do not hold back!  My work is in your hands; make it shimma and I’ll reference you in the movie credits one day.

Potentially there may be photos and visual art posted here as well.


Thanks for your active support–


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Critique Me, will ya?

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